Jamia In The Eyes Of Ulamas, Visitors & Their Testimonials

Shaikh Mohammad Salim,
President of Darul Uloom Waqf Deoband

Jamia Aaeeshah Siddiquah Noor Chak is an ideal and excellent islamic institution, which is established for a great purpose and aims,and founder and organizer of Jamia are doing very well, spending their efforts and energy to make islamic and religious environment of area.

Shaikh Mohammad Qasim Muzaffar Puri
Qazi(Judge) Shariyat Emart e Shariyah Phulwari Sharif Patna

Jamia Aaeeshah Siddiquah is a great and ideal movement for all girl,s institutions, truly all are the result of Shiakh Mohammad Hasnain Qasmi and Shaikh Mohammad Naseem’s efforts and sacrifices, which made Jamia too much popular and famous, may Allah make it a ideal Islamic institution and accept their struggles.

Shaikh Mohammad Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
General Secretary of Islamic Fiqh Academy and
Founder of Al Mahad Al Aali Al Islami Heydrabad

If women get educated then the light of education can reaches easily to whole generation, for this great purposes and aims Jamia Aaeeshah Siddiquah Noor Chak is established, inspire of unfavorable conditions it is occupied in all educational activities, May Allah make it an educational star of the education world, and I request to benefactors and virtuous that help this whatever you can do.

Saikh Doctor Saeedurrahman Amzmi Nadwi
Principal Of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow
Chief Editor of Al Baas Al Islami

Jamia Ayehsa Noor Chak is an Islamic and religious institute where is along with good education and breeding students are also handicraft and skills taught, I request to honorable and venerable people that help this Islamic institute all the way, Allah will reward you.

Features Of Women’s Education In Social Viewpoint

(1)A educated and conscious women can play a great role in reformation of society, family and homes.
(2)Being in shape of daughter can get married easily.
(3)Being in form of wife can bring physically and spiritually relief to husband because when a man derives comfort from his wife then his paths and way will be automatically favorable, on the other hand one has a lot of problems, troubles and anxieties in his home neither he can bring peace in society neither he can be a global leader of peace.
(4) Being in mothers shape she can be source of religious training and can create Islamic values in her children’s.
(5)She can face all difficulties easily and can fulfill all duties and can bring contentment and trust in homes.
(6) She can reaches men with her encouragement, cooperation to the doors of success and prosperity .
(7) She can create a religious and Islamic environment by her pious behavior and regarding the rights of relatives and neighbors.
(8)She can play a important role in prosperity of country and nation and to live a successful life in the light of Seerat e Nabi,Seerat e Sahaba and islamic history.