Aims & Objectives

(1)To adorn the women Muslim generation with deep knowledge in the source areas of Islamic learning, as the Holy Quran, Hadith, Jurisprudence, Arabic Language, etc thereby strengthening their Faith and inspiring them with true spirit of right action.
(2)To prepare them in such a way as to represent the religion of Islam in its true spirit, cutting across the barriers of caste, class and communal feelings, smoothing out all the social inequalities present in our society.
(3)To enable them train the future generation in keeping with the Islamic lines and following its distinct ideology.
(4)To equip them with the arm of education in such a way as to successfully need the modern challenges and problems, simultaneously keeping abreast of the ever-developing age.
(5)To make them able lead a successful life, displaying an enviable conduct expected from an ideal man of Islamic Faith. With these aims and objectives this institution has come into being.