Jamia Aaeeshah Siddiquah Noorchak

Its a reality and fact that today all over the world countless Islamic institution and centers, Madarsas and Masajids are established and continually are increasing, its a wonderful and marvelous steps and measures of wise and discerning people, but the other hand its a kind of foolishness to idealize complete success of humanity by ignoring half society, because first builder of humanity’s development and prosperity is women who arrives to the holy dignity of mother by crossing all steps of sister, daughter and wife, and from which lap pious and abstemious persons came out, due to women’s status Islam obligated both men and women to achieve education, if there is not a good arrangement of women’s education so it is one kind of ignorance towards them.
Currently Muslim population is more than twenty cores which half population is contains on women, but only one percent are educated, and majority of those one who knows only modern science and arts, and those who want to learn religious education they ...    Read More >>>