Courses & Departments In Jamia

Department of Deeniyat: This course contains and comprise on four years ,in this course Nurani Qayeda,Urdu,Nazra of Quran Kareem, Islamic duas, writing, as well as English, Hindi, mathematics, Science are taught according to the curriculum of governmental schools.

Department Of Edadiyah: In this department elementary and basic books of Nawh, Sarf, Farsi and Nazra of Quran Kareem are taught ,along with modern science and arts according to the curriculum of governmental schools.

Department of Arabic: Its five year course and it contains on the basic and higher education of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer, Nawh, Sarf along with modern science and arts, and by the grace of Allah Bukhari Sharif is taught .

Department Of Hifz: Here is a great and wonderful system to memorize the Holy Quran,girls memorize the Holy Quran with basic and essential grammars and cadences, Alhamdulillah for the surveillance of this department proficient and experienced teachers are appointed.

Industrial Department: Along with education girls are taught skills and arts, for this purpose here is established a swing center in Jamia for girls,and hundred of thousands girls have been skilled and still it is continued.

Department of Management: it’s very important and active department because all services of educational and administrative, accounting, management, essential actions on upcoming requests and reports are done by this department, presently on this significant post is Shaik Mufti Muhammad Hasnain Qasmi.

Department of Education: After department of management its most important department of Jamia because all educational issues ,activities ,necessities belong to this department, and currently on this great post is Shaikh Naseem Ahmad Qasmi.

Department of Accountancy: its very sensitive and active department because complete accountancy of income and spending is related to this,and payment after approving and checking bills, and it has responsibility of consumption being in limits, crediting and depositing money in banks, preparation of annual budget, all these responsibilities belong to this department even not any payment is paid without a voucher, and for every section separately register is kept.

Mess: Due to students and teachers there is a mess of Jamia which is arranged to feed them, besides teachers and workers poor and orphans students are feed , this year they were three hundred.

Department of preaching and Dawah: In the current situation Dawah has a great importance, because of this the teachers and students of Jamia walk around nearby villages weekly and invite the people to Salah and Islamic teachings.

Buildings of Jamia: Under this department all constructions work is done, due to increasing the number of students, Jamia is in extern need more classes and rooms, there is an extensive field connected with Jamia which needs cooperation of acolytes and benefactors.

Library Of Jamia: The Jamia has a huge collection of books on Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Kalam e Balughat and other Islamic Literature, there is a provion of islamic books in Madarsa,s library which is the beauty and finery of islamic institutions and centers, and for students and teachers there is a precious and wrathful storage of systematic and non systematic books.

Examination and its Procedure: To make solidity and stability in educational system, and skills and abilities in students, two exams are done in Jamia, one exam to get admission, because Jamia is a popular and famous institution due to its firmness system of education and unique method that’s why students come too much, therefore candidates and applicant are tested then Jamia took eligible students admission, so Jamie’s teachers took quarterly exam ,and for the annual exam teachers are called from outside, and writing test is done under strict surveillance, to make clean and natty first page of students copies is separated and a code number is entered, in this way copies are tested with full privacy and secrecy, then they write their feedbacks and express their views, in which light is strived to make educational system strong.

Aaeeshah Association: By the grace of Allah there is a association is established in Jamia to give training of delivering speech in both languages Arabic and Urdu under the guardianship of great scholars, that they fulfill their responsibilities and duties towards Ummah.

Idarah Darul Quran: Its also established under the management of Jamia ,in which all Islamic subjects, Nurani Qayeda, Urdu, Nazra of Quran Kareem, Hifz, Islamic prayers, along with English, Hindi, Mathematics are taught, currently three hundred students are studying in this faculty, and for the surveillance of this department there are allot of experienced, proficient and excellent teachers appointed.